Quality & Quantity

We used an “&” in the title instead of the more commonly seen “vs” when referring to these two adversaries because we don’t feel they have to be mutually exclusive. We’re full-time now, but when this was just a side hustle, the quantity of items we produced was much lower, and on the quality side, there was only so far we could take it. We’re very happy to report that we’ve up’d our game in both departments as time has passed.

We’ve grown, and we’re now utilizing an extremely capable Laguna CNC machine and an industrial dust collection system in our climate controlled shop, along with a host of other tools that have helped us increase those two words in the title while allowing us more time and freedom to live the life we choose. We are still a small family owned and operated business producing things we love, right here in the US, with US sourced materials!

CNC can get a bad rap, but it’s all in how you use it. We treat it like any other tool, and utilize it for it’s strengths. It provides us with the ability to create large, consistent, and repeatable batches. However, we do not use it for everything. We still freehand roll all our edges and countersink holes on the same old machine we’ve always used. We also hand-finish and test fit every set of scales that leaves the shop to ensure a proper fit. Your custom orders may be fulfilled using a variety of both hand and machine methods depending on the application.

The automation allows us to keep prices low on our stock items, and maintain the bespoke look and feel that’s so fun for use to create. It sounds as corny as it gets, but each piece leaves here with a little bit of soul and a lot of pride!